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Copyright 2013 - The Hogan Theory - S. L. Conner

     During the journey of how Mr. Hogan swung his golf clubs, a theory presented itself that would help simplify the already overly analyzed swing of Ben Hogan.  The theory that was developed is so easy to use that it can be applied to all aspects of the game!  This also includes the short game like putting, chipping, and even lobbing!  The Hogan Theory - Dual Core Concept goes through and explains the basic principles and physics with clear supporting graphics.  This simple theory about swinging the golf club is applied to the short game in this second part of the series: The Hogan Theory - Applied to Short Game.  Then in the third part of the series, the author walks you through Ben Hogan's Five Lessons to help explain how he stumbled across the movements and helps interpret the writings in The Hogan Theory - A Walk through Five Lessons.

Welcome to The Hogan Theory!

Never before has someone come this close to figuring out how Mr. Hogan swung his clubs!

You have to check this out for yourself!

I can't believe I stumbled across this by accident!

"I've read a lot about BH swing from various books. This one make more sense than any I've read. Read this book and your game will improve and will enjoy your game. I really like the explanation of the waggle and throwing club behind you - it creates explosive swing. Just read this book! Don't underestimate the concept of staying on top of foundation."

--Lindile Mteza